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Kaminski, David Milford Flatiron Center Condo Association 248.685.2685248.684.0379 
Kaplan, Cassandra AAA - C. Wallace Insurance Agency, LLC 248.669.1966248.669.0426 
Kasabasic, Mike Kar Kraft Collision Center 248.669.7800248.669.7850 
Kasabasic, Spiro Kar Kraft Collision Center 248.669.7800248.669.7850 
Kaspor, Bridget Mulligan Heating Inc. 248.698.9700248.698.1950 
Keliher, Tom Keliher & Associates 586.419.2035 
Kelley, David Commerce Hearing Center 248.207.0678248.360.8897 
Kelly, Kathleen Oakland Community College 248.341.2137 
Kemp, Valerie RE/MAX Commercial Connection 248.535.8073 
Kennedy, Ginger Kennedy Athletics 248.716.1700 
Kenner, James Discraft, Inc. 248.624.2250248.624.2310 
Kenny, Laura PH Homes, Inc - Preserve at Hidden Lake in White Lake 248.390.7792267.873.7244 
Kentwell, Linda ANCA Inc. 248.926.4455248.926.4475 
Keyes, Rick Meijer 616.453.6711248.960.1158 
Kippola, Jesse JK Locksmith Company 248.347.1133248.593.5215 
Kirkwood, Linda Reliv, Inc. 313.318.2290 
Klassa, Michael Ameriprise Financial Services LLC - Life & Legacy Wealth Advisors 734.432.6490734.432.0635 
Klebba-Cheney, Melanie Michigan Community Insurance Agency 248.926.1444 
Knish, Mike Spencer Roofing / Spencer Knish Construction, Inc. 248.669.9730248.669.9849 
Kokko, Katie Carls Family YMCA 248.685.3020248.685.8602 
Kopko, John CW3 Soccer Association 248.872.7128 
Korthas, Maureen Vylla Home 248.366.1100866.731.3193 
Kosten, Gary Cranberry Park of Milford 248.329.0750248.329.0760 
Kotsonas, Maria CareOne Senior Care 248.505.9927248.308.2709 
Kottler, Jon Heartland Payroll Solutions 248.760.1584248.594.6295 
Kowall, Mike Mike Kowall 248.245.9755 
Kowall, Rik White Lake Township 248.698.3300248.698.3996 
Kozloski, Robert Robert Kozloski & Associates 970.471.6089 
Kozlowski, Barbara Revex, Inc. 248.669.8100248.669.2804 
Krako, Katie Beauchamp Water Treatment Solutions 810.632.2000248.642.2001 
Kreza, Bob McSweeney Electric 248.762.3078248.465.1088 
Krstovski, Kris K2 Retail Construction & Development 248.686.4020248.694.2081 
Krug, Jessica Edward Rose & Sons 248.686.5369248.686.5600 
Kruse, Lavern St. Matthew Lutheran Church 248.624.7676248.624.0685 
Kuechle, Don Wixom Walled Lake Lions Club 248.684.9020 
Kujawa, Jim Cutting Edge Countertops 248.926.8000248.926.8001 
Kulas Rosenthal, Anna City of Wixom 248.624.0894248.624.0863 
Kurnat, Meagan West Bloomfield Parks 248.451.1914 
Kuzara, Brie Redwood Wolverine Lake 248.893.9280 

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