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Galbraith, Bryan 2 Moms & A Mop / Aardvark Commercial Services 248.714.5742 
Galbraith, Kim 2 Moms & A Mop / Aardvark Commercial Services 248.714.5742 
Garcia, Dominick Walled Lake Schools Federal Credit Union 248.624.5222248.624.0614 
Gardner, Cara Northcoast Wealth Management 248.736.7799248.626.2003 
Gardner, Cara Britt Perrotta Sommerfield Trust 248.736.7799 
Gass, Ken Lakes Area Rotary Club 248.613.0775 
Gast, Atesa Walmart 248.668.0274248.669.7421 
Gatt, Jill CNS Healthcare 248.745.4900248.994.4626 
Gay, Edwin Acuity Optics and Medical Eye Care 248.360.4300844.409.9681 
Genetti, Sam Advance Plumbing Supply of Walled Lake 248.669.7474248.669.7471 
Gennette, Meghan Prime 7 Bar and Restaurant 248.242.4771248.242.4773 
Gerdom, Holly DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital 248.937.3314248.937.3378 
Germond, Julie Hallite Seals Americas, Inc. 248.668.5200248.668.5210 
Gertiser, Erin Robin Aire Heating & Cooling 888.685.1517248.380.1877 
Gettel, Hannah Fiberclass Insulation, LLC 248.669.0660 
Ghannam, Nicole Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedics 248.248.6307248.669.2110 
Gill, Gaylord Huron Valley Council for the Arts 248.889.8660 
Gillam, David Village of Wolverine Lake 248.624.1710248.624.3536 
Gonzales, Tom Triumph Physical Therapy 947.800.7117947.800.7109 
Gordinier, Deb Ideas For You 248.330.3063248.928.1190 
Gordon, Daniel Gordon Chiropractic 248.366.3300248.366.3396 
Goryoka, Hannah Outstanding Orthodontics 248.360.7878248.360.7879 
Goutman, Lou Advertising Alternatives 248.563.7315248.363.8993 
Goward, Tina Fiberclass Insulation, LLC 248.669.0660 
Grant, Shawn Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists 248.926.5826248.926.5830 
Gray, Jack Walled Lake Collision 248.624.4547248.960.0370 
Gray, Kelly Walled Lake Collision 248.624.4547248.960.0370 
Gray, Larry Charter Township of Commerce 248.960.7070248.325.6620 
Green, Jeff Lakes Area Rotary Club 248.890.1149 
Grimm, Mark Mega Printing 313.269.1610248.624.0633 
Groff, Rose NGK Spark Plugs (USA) 248.926.6900248.926.6910 
Gross, Kelly Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedics 248.669.6307248.669.2110 
Grossi, Dino Volare Ristorante 248.960.7771248.960.1315 
Grossi, Jennifer HealthAdvisorsGroup / National Benefit Plans 248.867.5219248.562.7331 
Grossi, Maria Alex's Pizzeria 248.926.1700 
Grossi, Sandro Volare Ristorante 248.960.7771248.960.1315 
Grzymkowski, Amy Western Oakland Transportation Authority 248.730.8180 
Gutman, Kenneth Walled Lake Consolidated School District 248.956.2011248.956.2124 

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